One sharehouse, Three passions

Jeju, October 14th
We were so inspired by the island, the energy, the peace and the nature, we immediately knew that what we were creating now should be shared. We developed the idea of the exhibition in the airport waiting for our flight to bring us back to Seoul, where we transformed that idea into reality.

The theme of the exhibition, “Touch” mean the changes that occurred when three people who came from different environments came to live together in a sharehouse, sharing each other’s thoughts and lives.
Mathilde from France, who has a completely different background in culture captured instants of the people and environment of Seoul, and her passion stops us from our busy lives in Seoul for a moment to enjoy and take a step back.
The co-title, “Alliees,” in french means “allies”, and its conjugation refers to a plural feminine group of people, as we are. We wanted a word that connects all 3 of us, independant of our origins and backgrounds, that would demonstrate the strenght of our relationship and our common creativity.

Mathilde Quignon – Photographer

As a French photographer and traveler, I’m always on the move trying new things. I’ve settled down in Seoul for the past 6 months, enriching my photography and myself. I mostly do portraits and street photography, but I’m always up for new challenges.

For this exhibition I wanted to share my vision of Korea, but also show you some of my work from France. Photography has no borders, in this way I hope you can enjoy and connect to them, no matter where you come from.


Hayeon Yang – Marketing

People, who might not have known each other for forever sat around the same table, eat, travel together and enter each other’s lives. Creating a new story that now remains in photographs. Photographer Mathilde created her own story by exploring Seoul for the first time in her life. Nala, who organized the exhibition, led the exhibition balancing her busy life between work and home every day. The world is always full of new things in a hectic life. However, beauty staying in your heart for a long time is always rare. I want everyone who came to this exhibition to take a piece that will last a long time in his or her minds.

Nala Lee – Directing

I am more than happy to realize the exhibition that I suggested on the Jeju trip, seeing Mathilde taking photos with all her passion to get everything in frame. I was thrilled to challenge myself on directing this exhibition, After seeing my friends in my sharehouse always making every day into their world passionately, triggered me to rethink what I wanted to do. I am excited to show everyone the photos that moves people’s hearts.




April 16th 2019

“That day will stay in the memories of a lot of french people. As I wondered into the streets through the crowd, all I could see was powerlessness, anxiety and incomprehension. It’s those emotions that I tried to capture with my camera as I felt those myself watching one of the most iconic monuments of Paris burn.”

Mathilde Quignon



“For that series, I went twice on the Champs Elysées. First when France won against Belgium on the Demi-Finals, and the second time when France’s soccer team came home and made an appearance on the avenue. Hundreds of thousands of people dressed in blue, white and red celebrated this national victory, singing, laughing, kissing, also filling the sky with flags, fireworks and multicolored smoke grenades. This atmosphere lasted for weeks, it was crazy!”

Mathilde Quignon


“Since I arrived in Seoul, I’ve loved to witnessed glimpses of Seoulites lives. Those everyday life moments are full of humanity and emotions. My first pictures were taken with a fresh and far away eye that transformed little by little into a more used to one. My photography evolved with me as I have gotten to know more about the culture, the people and the city. I see things I didn’t see when I arrived here, but on the other hand, I’m now blind to everyday subjects I’ve gotten used to.”

Mathilde Quignon


“What I’ve loved the most about Jeju was the nature and how powerful it is. In my everyday life I try that my actions have the smallest impact on environment as possible, so I was glad to notice that Jeju and I had the same values. I felt very connected to nature at that point, and made it my mission to capture its elements. I hope you can fell the wind, the sea, the sun, the heat and the cold, and how much we’ve enjoyed it.”

Mathilde Quignon

“Jeju island is a place that i can go anytime but feels new whenever I visit. The distinct natural environment and the silence make me forget about the hustle and stress of the Seoul. These pictures are records of happy moments, of things that I thought were obvious but were new to my French friends and made me discover a new Jeju with them.

Hayeon Yang

“First time in Jeju with someone who is not my family, and preparing for an impromptu trip to Jeju Island with friends I met at my sharehouse was another challenge for me. I hope that these photos can reach out to, show you the blue scenery of Jeju that I wanted to keep forever and photo of friends looking at the same sky. They’re all moments I tried to capture with nervousness in a 17-cut film camera.”

Nala Lee


“When I introduce Mathilde to people as a freelancer photographer, most of the responses was either “Wow, nice.” or  “That’s what I want, to live freely.” As I recorded the path of her work as a photographer, that seemed so ideal, I wanted to express that her process was by no means of coincidence, and it all came from her endless efforts. She puts a lot of energy to get the right shot at the right moment to create pictures we are all looking for.”

Hayeon Yang