I know all too well how starting in photography can be frustrating. I’m a self taught, and spent more than a year watching YouTube tutorials before I could begin to be satisfied with the photos I took. I realize now how much time I wasted.
Enrolling a photography course not only gives you all the basics you need to know, if taught the right way, it can save you time and accelerate your creativity, so you can start to make great photos NOW.
In theses classes, I will teach you everything I wish I knew when I started, and the exact way I would have liked to be taught, which is : fun, easy, fast and a lot of practice!

PRIVATE ONLINE PHOTOGRAPHY CLass : “I let  go of auto mode”

One on one ~2h online course (on zoom) to let go of the auto mode on your camera, and finally begin to make the pictures you want to make!

Manuel mode, and semi-auto modes gives you so much more possibilities and control. From beautiful shallow depth of field, to sharp looking images, you won’t be able to go back after learning all I’m going to teach you in this private class.

My method is fun and based on a “learn, practice, learn” rule. I will guide you all the way and answer all your questions so you’ll be ready to apply what we learned directly with your camera after the class.

Here’s what we’ll learn :
– Your camera, sensor and lenses
– Exposure triangle : ISO, Aperture, Shutter speed
– Practice exercises : Portrait, landscape, night shots
– FAQ and recap