Mathilde Quignon Photography


Let me present you this series of 5 photos I captured while I was hiking Mount Kilimanjaro in 2022. On this 8-day adventure, I not only witnessed some of the most beautiful sceneries I’ve ever seen, but also lived a beautiful human experience. I would like to pay tribute to the porters and guides who, beyond being indispensable to this trek, are overflowing with strength and kindness. These photographs were taken with sweat and fatigue, but above all with a lot of emotion and humility in front of our powerful nature.

Fun fact : I turned 30 the day I reached the top of Kilimanjaro at 5895 meters of altitude. Unforgettable.

⚠ Colors on prints may vary a little from the ones on screen.

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3 Men on Kilimanjaro

Porters on Kilimanjaro 1

Porters on Kilimanjaro 2

Kilimanjaro glaciers 1

Kilimanjaro glaciers 2